The First Composition Competition!

Dear Followers of the Blog,

I am going to hold a competition for emerging composers!

I want to find six outstanding young composers who are deeply interested in engaging with the clarinet in order to produce new work. I’m going to offer them the opportunity to collaborate intensely, and we’re going to produce concerts (with the premiere in London in early 2016) and high quality live recordings.

What I need to do first is to raise the funds to award each selected composer €1,000 as a commission before they write their piece. Please, please consider making a donation by following this link. Want more information about the competition and how it’ll work? Just follow the link, all of the details are available there.

3,000 people are currently following this blog using their favourite RSS reader. If every one of you donated just €2, we’d reach this goal! I can’t make the competition happen without your support!


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