A third option for multiphonic explanations…

Me again — another video for you (please do follow my channel if you use YouTube regularly, as I’m not sure how consistent I’ll be with posting videos here!).

I’ve done what I think is a thorough playthrough of multiphonic #92 from this post, showing different pitches and some articulation options. I think this might be better than just doing an improvisation, as it’s a little more structured – what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment here on the YouTube post – really genuinely curious to know what composers think of this kind of detailed explanation of single sounds (before I carry on making dozens more of these!). Especially: what’s missing?

(By the way, I’ve decided to take an extended – possibly permanent – break from most social medias, except instagram. So if you like the content here, I suggest following the blog via your RSS reader or via the e-mail link in the right hand column!)


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