Learning about multiphonics – a different approach!

Hi all – I just wanted to share some of the videos from the project I’m consultant on, The Garden of Forking Paths, with Dr. Scott McLaughlin. He’s made some fantastic videos where he explains how multiphonics work in a really helpful way – I think spending an hour or so looking through his content could really help with how you conceptualise multiphonics and how you think about the clarinet as a non clarinet-player.

Scott also does a great job of explaining all of these things as a non-player himself. Well, non-professional. You’ll see him having a go, constantly. If you ever wondered what use it would be to get yourself a clarinet to try some of these things out as a composer, you might find his playing super inspiring!

The first two explanatory videos are particularly insightful – and will take you just under half an hour to watch (and take detailed notes on, obvs).

But you’ll see there’s a playlist with further resources there.

Follow scott – http://twitter.com/mugloch – and the project – http://twitter.com/PathsForking – on Twitter!

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