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upper joint stopped air technique

If this post was useful for you, please consider becoming a Patron. For as little as $1 per blog post you can help! This technique, which follows in the footsteps of two posts, namely that on air noises and the one … Continue reading

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A selection of contrabass clarinet multiphonics

When Scott McLaughlin and Mic Spencer were last here working on our composer-composer-performer project, the lure of the contra sitting in the other room proved to be too much to resist (honestly that’s why I keep it out so much … Continue reading

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(Quiet) Multiphonic Trills for Bass Clarinet

The effect I’m looking at today is fairly recognisable as something Sciarrino uses extensively, but particularly in his clarinet solo, Let me die before I wake. If you don’t know the piece, it’s worth listening to it, if only because it’ll make … Continue reading

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… on writing Bb clarinet harmonics

As composers and clarinetists, one thing we know about the clarinet is that its distinctive sound comes in large part from the fact that it only has access to odd partials in the harmonic series. This is all very well … Continue reading

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…on close dyad multiphonics for bass clarinet

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post on close dyad multiphonics for Bb clarinet, if you haven’t seen that post, you should definitely check it out. With bass clarinet, the theory is basically the same, so I’ve included … Continue reading

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