Solo Repertoire

Links on this page are to soundcloud/youtube recordings

Solo repertoire (without electronics):

Acosta, Rodolfo – …de nuevo seremos uno en esta tierra solrespirante (cl solo)
Alvarez, Pedro – Instead (cl solo) *
Andreyev, Samuel – Passages (cl solo)
Aperghis, Georges – 280 Mesures (cl solo)
Bauck, Martin Rane – Kopenhagener Stille (cl solo) *
Berg, Gunnar – pour clarinette seule I (cl solo)
Berg, Gunnar – pour clarinette seule II (cl solo)
Berio, Luciano – Sequenza IXa (cl/bcl solo)
Broekman, Jesse – And it ended with the ashes rising and with the cries of birds (cl solo) *
Cleare, Ann – eyam i (it takes an ocean not to) (cl solo)
Donatoni, Franco – Soft (bcl solo)
Donatoni, Franco – Ombra (cbcl solo)
Evanoff, Ray – A series of postures (Eb and Bass solo)
Fox, Christopher – Divisions (bcl solo)
Fox, Christopher – or just after… (cl solo)
Fox, Christopher – Escalation (cbcl solo)
Fox, Christopher – these other birds (cl solo) *
Fujikura, Dai – Sakana (bcl solo)
Fujikura, Dai – Contour (cbcl solo)
Harrison, Bryn – Open 2 (cl solo)
Ho, Hubert – Splinter (bcl solo) *
Iddon, Martin – Ptelea (bcl solo) *
Jarrell, Michael – Assonance II (bcl solo)
Johnson, Evan – Supplement (bcl solo)
Kondo, Jo – Three Songs from “New Buds on the Elderberry Tree” (cl solo)
Lim, Liza – Sonorous Body (cl solo)
Llanos, Raphael – Umbrales (cl solo)
Lorentzen, Bent – Diamond (cl solo)
McLaughlin, Scott – Nano (cl solo)
Morishita, Chikako – Lizard(shadow) (cl solo) *
Poppe, Enno – Holz Solo (cl solo)
Power, Ian – Swathe (cl solo) *
Saunders, Rebecca – cerulean (bcl solo)
Sciarrino, Salvatore – Let me die before I wake (cl solo)
Scelsi, Giacinto – Preghiera per un Ombra (cl solo)
Sdraulig, Charlie – never mind (bcl solo) *
Schöllhorn, Johannes – a self-same song (cbcl solo)
Sørensen, Bent – Troldspil (cl solo)
Stravinsky, Igor – Three Pieces (cl solo)
Thurley, Oliver – some thing black (bcl solo) *
Tidrow, Thierry – Clarintabile (cl solo) *
Wallace, David – L’Oiseau mis en cage (bcl solo) *
Yang, Lin – Nach Norden

With electronics/tape:
Adkins, Monty – Four Shibusa (IV) (cl, tape)
Baldi, Zeno – Kinstugi (cl, tape) *
Diels, Natacha – Matilda and Me (cl, electronics, aux instruments) *
Dyer, Mark – Droning falsities (cbcl, elec)
Einbond, Aaron – Temper (bcl, elec)
Einbond, Aaron – Resistance (prepared bcl, elec) *
Frasch, Heather – quietly breathing (bcl, elec)
Fox, Christopher – Headlong (eb cl, tape)
Gemini, Giampiero – Flamma Inveniat (cl, tape)
Harker, Alex – Fluence (cl, elec)
Hoffman, Elizabeth – multiphonapocalypse (bcl, elec) *
Horvat, Ana – Pika’s tale (bcl, tape) *
Hynninen, Maija – in the universe everth ng is a circle (cbcl, elec) *
Iddon, Martin – Sapindales (cl, tape) *
Lorway, Norah – Fade (bcl, elec) *
Lou, Michelle – Telegrams (bcl, bluetooth speaker) *
Marcoll, Maximilian – Amproprification 1 (bcl, elec) *
McLaughlin, Scott – Whitewater (cl, elec)
Murray, Max – Ad marginem des versuchs (bcl, tape) *
Phillips, Robert – Rutaceae (bcl, tape) *
Pohu, Sylvain – L’identité (cl, elec)
Settel, Zack – Echroadepipel (cl, elec)
Topel, Spencer – hot mess (bcl, elec) *
Tremblay, Pierre-Alexandre – La Rupture (bcl, elec) *
Wilson, Scott – brennen (cl, elec)

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