Remote Recording

I offer a comprehensive home recording package for composers and sound design. Recordings may include (but are not limited to):

  • Film/Tv/games recordings
  • Special effects for sound design
  • Solo piece recording for release or promotion
  • Extended techniques, long tones, etc. in isolation for use in electronic music
  • Anything where you may need a clarinet, bass clarinet or contrabass clarinet!

I use Line Omnidirectional Condenser microphones, and Logic Pro for recording.

I’ve recorded a number of sessions for film composers already, but also recorded most of my latest solo release on the Another Timbre label using these mics. Here’s a short video from a recent session with composer Tara Creme, exploring different clarinets and different effects for a film she’s working on.

A form to fill out for a quote or direct booking via Calendly are below. I will often suggest a Zoom session to clear up any queries about your work.

Me, playing contrabass clarinet, at Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne

I can offer you Eb, Bb, A, Bass and Contrabass clarinets – and I don’t charge extra for doubling when recording at home. (If you want me to visit a studio in London, I do charge a 15% doubling fee, plus a bit extra for a taxi if I need bass and contrabass clarinets, otherwise it’s just too much to carry!)

There are two ways to book. The first is to fill out the following Google form to request a quote. This is useful if you’re not sure how long a session will take, or if it might need multiple sessions, if you’d like to get the best deal possible, or if you’re looking for somethings really specific (like, a recording of your latest virtuosic solo piece for example, which I might need a bit of time to learn first!):

The second is to use Calendly to just book a half-day session. Useful if your work is fairly straight forward (and approximately 8-10 minutes of recorded material), you’ve worked with me before, or you’re up against a tight deadline. The fee for a half day (3-4 hours) session is £250.