Studio Recording for Film/TV

I offer a comprehensive home recording package for composers in need of clarinet(s) for their film/TV/game scores. My home recording set up is not glamorous, but is extremely functional. I use a pair of Line Omnidirectional Condenser microphones, which I love. I’ve recorded a number of sessions for film composers already, but also recorded most of my latest solo release on the Another Timbre label using these mics. Here’s a short video from a recent session with composer Tara Creme, exploring different clarinets and different effects for a film she’s working on.

I can offer you Eb, Bb, A, Bass and Contrabass clarinets – and I don’t charge extra for doubling when recording at home. (If you want me to visit a studio in London, I do charge a 15% doubling fee, plus a bit extra for a taxi if I need bass and contrabass clarinets, otherwise it’s just too much to carry!)

For a 2.5-3 hour solo session (including a 10 minute face break!) I charge £300. This includes looking at/practising any material in advance (as long as I receive it at least 48 hours beforehand). I’ve never had a composer not get everything they reasonably need within this time frame, but whether we do 2.5 or 3 hours tends to depends on how many clarinets you use and what you need doing – some techniques are just more tiring than others, and these solo sessions can be quite intensive! Rates are very much negotiable depending on the scope of your project, and I’m open to quite a collaborative approach if that is something you’re interested in and have a good bit of experience with free improvisation (though I’m definitely not a jazzer).

For more information or to chat about your work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: