Study with me!

Regular or one-off lessons are available either online via Zoom or at my home studio in Woolwich in South-East London. These are available to both clarinettists and also composers who need help and feedback with their work, and can be booked quickly and fuss-free via the Calendly app below.

A photo of me, clarinet in hand, pointing at a screen with a score displayed thereon.

For clarinet players, things you might consider working on in your lessons:

  • Extended techniques (circular breathing, slap tongue, multiphonics, quarter tones and other microtones – basically anything you’ve seen on my blog that you’d like to be able to do)
  • Working on your improvisation skills
  • Graphic Scores
  • Contemporary repertoire (you can see the solo repertoire I’m most familiar with, but I’m happy for you to bring anything to your lesson, so long as you send me a PDF of the score).
  • Chamber music coaching (if you want to bring your ensemble/pianist for a lesson to my home studio, that would be wonderful – I have a beautiful August Förster baby grand for them to play on).
  • Breath work, voicing, posture
  • Advice about the music industry, about building a ‘portfolio career’
  • Advice on studying – where to do it, who else to study with, etc.

Rates for clarinet players are are as follows:

  • initial consultation/one-off lesson, £55 (1 hour)
  • 45 minute follow up lesson, £40
  • A block of five 45-minute lessons is available for £180
  • Chamber music coaching, £80 (90 minutes)

Composers, you might consider booking a session with me if:

  • You’re unsure if you’ve notated something well for clarinet, or if it’s idiomatic or comfortable to play
  • You’d like to explore a technique you’ve seen on my blog in more detail
  • You want to write creatively with multiphonics and need some help or need to hear them first
  • You just want someone to look at your solo piece and give some detailed feedback

Rates are:

  • £40 for a 45 minute session

It is very easy to book a lesson with me now through Calendly, just select a time that works for you.