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the kölner musiknacht: another performance paradigm

Some time ago, I wrote at length about my ensemble‘s last experiment with the audience-performer relationship through an alternative concert situation, our Unter Vier Ohren project. As I’ve been so focused on developing audience-performer/ensemble relationships, the Kölner Musiknacht seemed the … Continue reading

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knitting for clarinetists: the bell-protector

Bit of a fluff piece on the blog today (hua hua). A couple of years ago I was working on Gerard Grisey’s Solo pour Deux for clarinet and trombone with the incomparable Steve Menotti. At the very beginning of the … Continue reading

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competitions: some ramblings and a few questions

Recently, I’ve been asked to consider the reasons why I participate in composition competitions. I really wanted to address some of the problems with competitions, but instead I’ve just rambled positively about one of my favourite projects in the hope … Continue reading

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Approaches to the performer/audience relationship: a case study

Over the last two weeks, my ensemble has collaborated with ensemble chronophonie on a fairly unusual concert presentation. Called Unter Vier Ohren (literally “under four ears” – “unter vier Augen” means “between the two of us”), we installed 7 musicians … Continue reading

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Advice for young composers

I do a lot of projects with young composers (and when I say “young,” I’m generally referring to the under-35 set). A lot of these projects involve workshops with the composers, which are theoretically designed to simulate a kind of … Continue reading

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