Bandcamp Supporting Artists during the Covid-19 Pandemic!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all keeping well in these difficult times.

In case you’re not aware, Bandcamp are supporting artists today by giving all the fees from any sales directly to the artists (rather than taking their usual cut). So I want to suggest that if you’re able, today is the perfect day to buy a bunch of music from the artists you love. And if you want some new music to listen to, I thought I’d link to a few things you might enjoy (including one new album by Eva Zöllner and me).

A few labels and artists making great stuff:

  • Check out another timbre. There are so many brilliant records on this label, Simon Reynell’s taste is amazing, and all of the proceeds go directly back to making more CDs and paying the artists to make them. (I’m on a few of these, particularly love the Adrián Demoč!). He’s also put together a nice coronavirus playlist, if you need five hours of very chill experimental music. Of course you do.
  • Phil Maguire’s label verzprint are donating any proceeds from today’s sales to the Hundred Years Gallery in London (a great space for new music and improvised musics which we really can’t lose!), as is my brilliant studio-mate Bill Thompson with his label, burning harpsichord records. If this stuff on this label is half as good as what I hear coming from his room, happy days!
  • There have been lot of great releases on New Focus Recordings lately, many of which have had great reviews at TEMPO. You can read a review of the fantastic Ben Melsky contemporary harp CD here. Or the Longleash recording here (this one I absolutely adored!).
  • There’s also not art records – I’ve been enjoying Heather Stebbins release a lot this morning.
  • And for microtonal guitar song writing deliciousness it just has to be Chris Rainier.

And finally, a little story before our album: Eva and I were in Sweden when things worsened in Europe. The day before our first concert, in Malmö, we found out that the gigs were cancelled and that the Danish border was going to close the following day at 12pm. So we made a sad and very quick decision to leave before that happened. We were, however, really disappointed to lose the tour especially as all six new pieces written for us were fantastic. So we got up at an ungodly hour and recorded them all, and we’ve released them as a live album on bandcamp today:


Any other tips? Leave me a comment!


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