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Underblown Eb clarinet multiphonics

This post is closely related to the post on using the register key, the post on  bass clarinet underblown multiphonics and also to the post on Eb clarinet dyads. It might be worth reading those, as well as the posts on … Continue reading

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14 dyad multiphonics for Eb clarinet

This is a supplement post to the already existing posts on dyad multiphonics for Bb and bass clarinets. Checking those posts out first will give you plenty of background information, and some tips for writing (and playing) these effects. As always … Continue reading

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New: vlog posts on contemporary clarinet technique

I’ve decided to start posting parallel video posts for all of my blog posts with some extra information — check out this first one on air sounds!  And follow my channel on YouTube so you never miss one of these.  … Continue reading

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9 Gateway Pieces to Contemporary Music for Pop Lovers

In classical music, we’re regularly discussing how to attract new audiences, particularly from the huge number of adventurous pop music fans who are willing to try something different. Alan Davey, controller of BBC Radio 3, in his recent article for … Continue reading

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10 Female Composers You Should Know (and their clarinet pieces)

I noticed that this was making the rounds on Twitter again this morning, and I thought that since those women are all deceased, and most of them working before the clarinet was a viable instrument to write for, I’d come … Continue reading

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